2022 Long Projects

At the beginning of 2022, emerging from Covid Lockdown we felt we needed a fresh challenge. Rather than continuing short challenges we have each chosen a long challenge to get our teeth into. 
I’m writing this in February, and already some members are getting their projects underway.

Mara Seeds and pods. A study of seeds together with the parent plant and its origins. (click here)
FrancesLand Lines. A study of lines formed by and in the landscape. (click here)
BeverleyBetween the lines.  A study of local coastlines and marshlands. (click here)
LesleyEast Anglia colours. A study of colours, shapes and textures of the natural and built environment. (click here)
HelenWalking and Wondering. Observations about the landscape and natural world around her.
Cloth, Culture and Colour. Exploring ancient and modern textile traditions. (click here)
Dilys“Woman in Gold”   a portrait by Gustov Klimt.
 I am going to research the history of the painting, and study the  painting itself with particular reference to the symbols on the dress.  This will lead me to study the art of Byzantine, Egypt and Greece,  which are shown in the shapes in the patterns on the dress. (Click here).

By clicking above more details and progress can be viewed.
If you would like more information about each project, please use the contact button and I will forward your enquiry.