Dilys at Anteros

Q. What is it that makes you enjoy textile art and craft so much?

I enjoy the creative process when my imagination and creativity emerge through fabric, thread and other media ,  to produce a piece of personal and individual embroidery.

Q. Why do you like being part of TOPstitch?

I enjoy the friendship and companionship of fellow stitchers and artists.  Their work and enthusiasm stimulates my own creativity  and makes me strive to do better.

Q. Explain your inspirations, where you get them, and how you use them.

My inspirations  come sometimes from my love of historical embroidery techniques which I like to interpret in a contemporary way.  Inspiration also comes from the simplicity of the designs of art deco, Celtic and Egyptian art.  I also draw inspiration from the colours, patterns and textures found in the natural World.

Q. Can you give a brief explanation of the pieces you are exhibiting at Anteros?

I am entering 8 pieces of work into the exhibition. Some of them are a combination of traditional embroidery techniques   presented in a contemporary way.  Other pieces show techniques such as layering, appliqué, painted backgrounds,  and raised and padded work, but all reflect my enjoyment of hand stitching.  

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