Sketchbook challenge

Our 2018 New Year’s  Resolution, began in December –

a monthly textile sketch book challenge.

September/October: “Tendrils”

What is a Tendril? – a slender leafless shoot by which some climbing plants cling, or could it be something else??

We’d all been quite busy this month with a very successful Cley exhibition.


We were all busy in July and August finishing our pieces for TOPstitch at Cley so had a break from the challenge.  Now it’s:




let’s get out the purples, pinks and blues..


Here are some of the results:



We were given the choice of two excerpts from poems by Kevin Crossley-Holland:





May/June – “Asparagus”



April/May – “Sound”

How many definitions of “sound” can there be?  We found many different ways to interpret the word this time.


Lots of ideas to work with.



March/April – “Duplicity”

This proved very inspirational for many of us….


and will be taken further on from the sketch books.



Feb/Mar – “Contentment”




Jan/Feb – “Text of your choice”



Dec/Jan – “Underfoot”