Sketchbook challenge

August/September 2019


July/August 2019

Our challenge is:


What we see on our pathways, maps of our pathways, textures on them.  Very interesting to see the different ways of interpreting this theme.



June/July 2019


Many are busy preparing for our forthcoming exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre, but we have a few pieces to show….Nasa’s Juno mission gave a lot of inspiration, the Dior exhibition at the V&A some too plus Shakespeare and Aesop..



May/June 2019





A very interesting challenge producing a wide variety of sketches, some reflective others joyous and happy.  Some discussed old pieces of work.

April/May 2019

“Sketch Book Revival”

We’re “doing different” this month by participating in a free on line sketch book course.  Anyone can join, it runs from 22nd April for 4 weeks.. do follow this link..

Sketchbook revival 2019


This didn’t “float everyone’s boats”, but about half of us signed up and attempted some of the challenges.





March/April 2019







Decay of vegetation, fruit vegetables, to decay in old age and urban decay.  We covered the topic in many different ways demonstration the richness of this group. We are lucky.


February/March 2019


This challenge has been interpreted as chemicals, design, Greek and Chinese to name just a few ideas.






January/February 2019

“Metamorphosis” – we thought it time for a change.

This challenge provoked some really good ideas, from the changes in insects’ lives, to changing artefacts, communication over the millennia and rocks.






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September/October: “Tendrils”

What is a Tendril? – a slender leafless shoot by which some climbing plants cling, or could it be something else??

We’d all been quite busy this month with a very successful Cley exhibition.









We were all busy in July and August finishing our pieces for TOPstitch at Cley so had a break from the challenge.  Now it’s:




let’s get out the purples, pinks and blues..


Here are some of the results:









We were given the choice of two excerpts from poems by Kevin Crossley-Holland:











May/June – “Asparagus”









April/May – “Sound”

How many definitions of “sound” can there be?  We found many different ways to interpret the word this time.








Lots of ideas to work with.



March/April – “Duplicity”

This proved very inspirational for many of us….








and will be taken further on from the sketch books.



Feb/Mar – “Contentment”




Jan/Feb – “Text of your choice”









Dec/Jan – “Underfoot”









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