Sue at Anteros

Q.   Why do you like being part of the TOPstitch Group ?

I like being part of TOPstitch because I meet fellow stitchers who stimulate my creativity by sharing their different techniques and ideas.  I find their work inspires my imagination and working together with them helps to push the boundaries  of my own work forward.

Q. What are your favourite techniques?

My favourite techniques are centred round hand stitching, mainly gold and metal thread work, and I also enjoy making hand felted backgrounds with layering and stitch.   I like working with mixed media and have recently been exploring the use of various  specialist papers  in my work.

Q. Explain your inspirations, where you get them and how you use them.

My inspirations come from the natural World, including the patterns to be found in landscapes and buildings.  I am also inspired by contemporary artists who work with watercolours and mixed media.

Q. What in particular inspired the pieces you are exhibiting at Anteros?

My main inspiration comes from  the work of 2 modern artists – Karen Stamper who works with collage and mixed media, and Helen Wells, an artist who works with water colour and pattern.  Their ideas have inspired me to restrict my colour palette and to take up the challenge of working in black and white only.

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